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Rob Jordan re-joined Ken Lindner and Associates in 2011 as an agent and executive. Rob brought with him 20+ years of agenting experience as well as a sizable roster of talent, after ten successful years of operating Rob Jordan Talent Management.

Rob first joined KLA in 1992 and was the first agent hired to have day-to-day TV newsroom experience. He successfully grew the company’s reach into medium and large markets while aggressively seeking up and coming talent in untapped markets. Rob has an impressive track record of career management with clients working at the networks and local tv markets across the country. He discovered national talent such as Nancy O’Dell (Charleston, SC), Craig Melvin of NBC News (Columbia, SC), Kelly Cobiella of NBC News (San Luis Obispo), Michelle Miller of CBS News (Columbia, SC), Jay Harris at ESPN (Pittsburgh) and countless testaments of career choreography success.

Prior to joining KLA, Rob worked at then Disney-owned KCAL-TV in Los Angeles as an executive assistant to the news management team from 1989 – 1992. He was involved in the start-up of the first three-hour prime-time newscast in the country and assisted senior management in the hiring of over 100 news staffers. He worked closely with the business manager on talent negotiations, contracts and budgeting. He met Ken Lindner in 1989 first over the phone, as KCAL was on a hiring spree and KLA represented many of the station’s anchor and reporter hires, including the incomparable Pat Harvey, who is still with the station today (and STILL a client of KLA!)

Rob is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. He and his wife Lisa have three children and live in Fort Mill, SC, just outside of Charlotte. He serves on the board of Victory Sports Outreach, a family recreational sports ministry in Fort Mill and is part of the pax of F3Nation, a men’s fitness, fellowship and faith community leadership group.

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