Career Choreography™


For the past 33 years, Ken Lindner & Associates, Inc. (“KLA”) has been devoted to equipping, enabling, and empowering our extraordinary clients to fulfill their great potentials in the areas of national and local news and hosting. The means by which this has been accomplished is through the process that Ken Lindner developed and trademarked over twenty-five years ago, called “Career Choreography™.” The definition of “Career Choreography” is that there is a certain logical set of strategically crafted steps and strategies that anyone can take to put the percentages strongly in their favor that they can attain any given goal or set of goals. The key is to craft the most effective set of steps and strategies so that you attain that goal or set of goals.”


The process of “Career Choreography” has propelled thousands upon thousands of individuals in a myriad of professions and careers to attain their goals and live their career dreams.

Whereas most agents merely send out client demo links to various openings, practicing the art of “Career Choreography” is far more strategic. Every career decision that is jointly made between a KLA client and agent, and each step that is ultimately taken, is done with the client’s BIG PICTURE goals and dreams squarely in mind. It’s much like playing chess, as one highly strategic, well-crafted step can beneficially impact many other future steps and results. In many instances, effectively practicing “Career Choreography” has led our clients to attain the most coveted news and hosting positions.

One “Career Choreography” strategy that KLA agents implement regularly is counseling their clients as to which specific positions will either best showcase a client’s unique gifts and strengths, or will enable them to develop and have the necessary skill-sets and experiences, respectively, so that they put themselves in the very best position to secure their dream news or hosting position(s) sometime in the future.

Should you want to learn more about “Career Choreography” and how this logical, success-evoking process can help you to fulfill your greatest potentials, Ken Lindner, the creator and master of “Career Choreography” has written the definitive book on this strategic and highly effective career development process, “Career Choreography™:  Your Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Job and Achieving Huge Success and Happiness.”

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