About KLA

Ken Lindner & Associates, Inc., (“KLA”) is the premier news and hosting agency. Over the past 33 years, KLA has developed the careers of many of this country’s most highly respected, talented, and well-liked network (broadcast and cable), syndicated, and local anchors, hosts, and correspondents.

All of our agents work in BOTH the news and hosting fields, as many of our clients have the potential to work in both areas—-and in fact, many of them do. Additionally, we often hear about openings first, because of our long and very strong relationships with news and programming executives. Additionally, as we are known for finding and representing game-changing broadcast journalist stars, it pays for news and hosting execs to confide in us when they are thinking about conducting a talent search, as it’s their goal to find the most positively-impactful talent. Another reason why executives rely on us to find top-drawer broadcast journalists for them is because we have established a reservoir of trust and credibility with them over the past three decades.

The MOST important reason why our extraordinarily talented clients fulfill their professional goals and live their career dreams, is because we efficaciously practice the art of “Career Choreography” (please see the “CAREER CHOREOGRAPHY” folder), a term and process that Ken Lindner trademarked and implemented over 25 years ago. The “Career Choreography” process equips, enables, and empowers our clients to put the percentages strongly in their favor that they will attain their most treasured career positions and goals.

We are extremely proud of all of the wonderful positions that we have strategically secured for our clients over the past three decades. Please see the “SUCCESS STORIES” folder to view the incredible number of extraordinary national and local news and hosting positions that we have secured for our clients.

At KLA we Choreograph and develop careers. That’s what we do. We see the huge potential in our clients and craft the most expeditious and beneficial path for them to take so that they secure the positions of their dreams. Ken loves to use the term, “KLA-NAMASTE”, as he believes that the radiant light in our staff members’ hearts sees the radiant light and extraordinary gifts in our clients. At KLA, we are committed to turning our clients’ great potentials into a beautiful reality!

Thank you so much, for your time and for learning more about KLA!

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