Executive Vice President

Ken enlisted Susan’s help with KLA shortly after starting the business.  Although the agency was immediately successful for its clients, being a new business, it lacked organization and structure.  As a successful owner and operator of two companies, Susan used her strong entrepreneurial skills to set up the complete financial and business structure for KLA.  Since then, Susan and her staff have continued to run all aspects of the KLA office.

Through her many years with KLA, Susan has moved the company into the twenty-first century, updating the computer systems, editing facilities, and billing systems, as well as supervising several moves into larger facilities.  She is responsible for the continued oversight of the office equipment and services, and helps KLA maintain its excellent service to its clients.

Susan wears many hats in order to ensure a smooth running and efficient office.  She supervises and coordinates the KLA staff, she is responsible for interviewing and hiring job applicants, she administers salaries, and is involved in staff training and development, staff assessments, and promotions.  Susan also handles client administration, human resources, billing, tax and regulation oversight, budgets, and general office management.

When not managing the KLA TEAM, Susan enjoys spending time with her children and dogs outside of the city, biking, and playing POP tennis…which Susan stresses is not ping-pong.