What should I put on my demo reel?

The demo reel should be at most fifteen minutes long. It should start out with a 1-2 minute montage (quick clips that highlight your best work). The rest of the tape should be filled with few edits and consist of a condensed version of your best 2-3 anchoring newscasts and best 2-3 reporting packages. For other submission specifics, please review our submission policy.

How are you certain that you can increase my salary?

Unless we have an ownership stake in a broadcasting company or station, no agency can guarantee a certain job or salary. What we can guarantee is our vast knowledge of ballpark salaries for each network and top 75 markets.; This is critical information that our agents have at their disposal as they enter into a negotiation. We also market our clients across the country and strive to achieve multiple offers. That way we increase our leverage in contract negotiations.

Sometimes it is mentioned that KLA has a lot of clients. Will I be competing against other clients for jobs?

Occasionally, clients will be interested in the same job. In that instance, each client is equally pitched, with the agent emphasizing each clients unique strength, qualities and background. Ultimately, however, it is news management decision on who to hire. We do promise that each client is sent on their own individual reel. KLA never submits composition reels with multiple talent on one reel.

I’m located on the East Coast and you’re located in Los Angeles, will this be a problem?

Our agents work a minimum of ten hours a day and return each and every phone call daily. We have dozens of clients at the networks and stations in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, Chicago and Dallas to name just a few east coast/midwest markets.

Do you have to be a big name talent in order for KLA to represent you?

KLA has traditionally found talent early in their careers in smaller markets. We pride ourselves on developing and choreographing careers and eventually placing talent within the top 40 markets and at the network level.

What differentiates Programming from News?

Programming encompasses all the other areas other than local news, network news and cable news, in which we represent our clients. It includes any type of hosting, syndicated magazine shows (e.g., “Entertainment Tonight”), cable series (e.g. HGTV programming), game shows, talk shows, reality shows (e.g. “Survivor”), documentaries, hidden camera programs, how-to programs, MTV, VH-1, E!, etc.

What qualities are important when trying to work in the programming area?

Experience is always important, but producers also look for personality, energy, and presence. The qualities required vary much more drastically from show to show in programming than in news. Sometimes they want a comedian, someone with music knowledge, or someone who is willing to take risks. It really depends on the show. If you are interested in this area, it is good to know what sets you apart from others and to figure out what types of programs best fit you.