The Steps To Helping Clients Fulfill Their Career Dreams

For the past thirty years, Ken Lindner & Associates has been devoted to helping extraordinarily talented broadcast journalists fulfill their potential in both news and hosting. The means by which this has been accomplished, is through Career Choreography™. Career Choreography™ are those strategic, logical steps that put the percentages in our clients’ favor that they will secure their dream positions.

Whereas most agents just send out reels to various openings, Career Choreography™ is much more strategic. Every career step takes into account a client’s Big Picture goal or goals. In many instances, what has enabled our clients to eventually secure THE most coveted news and hosting positions, is that members of the KLA Team have counseled clients as to which specific vehicles (in both news and hosting) will either showcase a client’s unique strengths, or allow them to develop the necessary skill-set so that they put themselves in the very best position possible to later secure their on-air dream position(s).

Furthermore, Ken Lindner & Associates has enabled our clients to grow in many ways beyond the client’s day-to-day broadcasting position. Not only has KLA put more newscasters in major hosting positions than any agency in the world, but we continue to look for supplemental growth opportunities for our clients, when they are in their current position (their “day job”). For example, KLA has a number of news clients for whom we’ve secured enhancing hosting positions along with their news position. This way, clients can grow in numerous areas. Two examples: Lester Holt. We secured a contract for Lester with MSNBC… which provided for hard news anchoring and reporting. However, we wanted Lester to have a vehicle that would allow him to showcase his personality, as well. When the Weekend Today Show host position became available, we helped Lester to secure it. That gave Lester increased audience recognition and major audience “traction,” as viewers are now able to see other sides of Lester’s charismatic personality, sense of humor, heart and soul. When the NBC News weekend anchor job became available, we helped Lester to secure that position, as well. However, the Career Choreography™ did not stop there! We then helped Lester to secure hosting and correspondent opportunities on Dateline, as well as enhancing hosting opportunities for shows on Discovery. This Choreography™ will help lead Lester to continue to secure other dream positions.

Another example of Career Choreography™ is moving Samantha Harris, first to a hosting/reporting position at E! Entertainment, and then to the co-host position on the prime time hit Show, Dancing With The Stars. However, once we did this, the Career Choreography™ was not over. We then secured offers for Samantha to be one of the contributors for ABC’s widely viewed Pre-Oscar Show, and then to fill-in host on The View.

Through Career Choreoraphy™, we continually add value, exposure, and meaningful experiences to our clients’ career and resume. All of this puts our clients in a far better position to continue to have exponential career growth.

KLA is THE most successful and reputable news and hosting agency in the world. Our agents all focus on network, syndicated and cable hosting opportunities, which allows all of our news and hosting clients to have access to opportunities that add great value to their careers.

As you will see from our Success Stories, there is no broadcast representation agency anywhere, that develops its clients’ careers as fully and effectively as KLA. This is due, first and foremost, to the high quality of KLA clients; along with the fact that KLA Team members hear about news and hosting opportunities as early or earlier than anyone else; the fact that we have the unparalled reputation for representing break-through news and hosting talent, so that we have unmatched credibility with news and programming executives when marketing our clients; and the fact that we pride ourselves in thoughtfully, creatively and strategically engaging in Career Choreography™ on our clients’ behalf.